New Tropico 4 Update comes with performance improvements, Steam Cloud support and lots of fixes

Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games have released a new update for their strategy sim game, Tropico 4. This update comes with fixes to Mine upgrades, favored trade partner foreign relations bonus, incorrect display of army count in some cases, and to performance problems in some rare circumstances. Naturally, the update will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client and you can view its complete changelog below. Enjoy!
Tropico 4 Update Changelog:
Gameplay Fixes:
-Buffed hotel profits and tourism
– Edicts with monthly/yearly upkeep are no longer free
– Fixed favored trade partner foreign relations bonus
– Private investment offers will not appear for disabled buildings
– Foreign aid given now matches the amount displayed in the notification
– Fixed some cases where citizes walk to their destination instead of taking a car
– Oil cost increase depends on the map’s start year
– Weather Station chance of success depends on the workers’ skill
– Weather Station properly displays and charges operation costs
– Fire Station area of effect on the Cat-In-Tree work mode increased
– Fixed Mine upgrades
– Radar Dishes on Clear the Airwaves work mode block subversive activities more efficiently
– Fixed housing quality boost of Climate Control upgrade
User Interface Fixes:
– Added option to open the almanac from a choice dialog
– Added setting for controlling scroll speed
– Mouse rollover of people in the Almanac displays their names
– Correctly display resources under embargo in the almanac
– Food-producing buildings now display exports in the info panel
– More information added to some building info panels
– Added controls for navigation to the top and bottom of the highscore list
– Fixed incorrect display of army count in some cases
– Fixed some wrong texts in respect and relation modifiers in the Almanac
– Fixed work mode names text sometimes being cut off
– Fixed a bug preventing users from removing certain building shortcuts
– Various other user interface fixes and improvements
Other Fixes:
– Fixed a rare issue causing the game to freeze shortly after loading a saved game
– Fixed performance problems in some rare circumstances
– Fixed hotkeys that didn’t always work for some buildings
– Fixed battleships moving backwards
– Fixed ship sounds
– Game is no longer paused when visiting user-submitted islands
– Challenge Editor: multiple fixes and improvements
– Tropicans now enjoy even longer walks on the beach
– Added Steam Cloud support
In other news, Modern Times DLC got delayed until April. No details were given about this unexpected delay.