New SimCity Details; more accessible, richest & most sophisticated simulation, bullet physics engine

Maxis’ Andrew, Kip, Ocean and Dan have revealed some interesting new details – in a Reddit IAMA discussion – about their upcoming SimCity game. According to the developers, the new SimCity will take advantage of the bullet physics engine and they are targeting for a stylized look which has a mesmerizing charm about it. Moreover, this new SimCity game will be more accessible to the newcomers. This is a crucial thing for Maxis as they want to expand their game. However, the developers wanted to let us know that the game won’t be dumbed down in any way.
When a fan asked whether or not SimCity would be dumbed down, the developers responded and said that if they do their job properly, the game will have the integrity that long-time fans require, and still be approachable by newbies. ‘SimCity is only as good as the simulation underneath it’ said Maxis’ Ocean, and admitted that particular feature is what it makes worth caring about.
Maxis Kip added:
“Our goal for this SimCity is to deliver on a robust city simulation game but also make it easy to play and understand. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be “dumbed down”. I equate it to what we did with our Spore Editors. We put a complex modeling tool in the hands of kids and turned them into 3D modeling experts. We want to serve information in quick and simple to digest ways and offer tools that are powerful, but painless. Curvy roads alone will up the complexity of your city planning power.”
Maxis Ocean concluded:
“We’re making SimCity, not some dopey casual game. The most important thing is the integrity of the simulation underneath it, the stuff that represents the systems that make up a real city.”
Something really important here is that the dreadful SimCity: Societies game was not developed by Maxis. Maxis was behind the original SimCity, as well as the 2k, 3k and 4 versions. According to the developers, this new SimCity was built from the simulation engine up, and is the one that they wanted to make after they finished working on SimCity 4.
SimCity 4 will also feature a multiplayer mode, but the team promised to also concentrate on the game’s SP mode.
In other news, the new SimCity will be friendy to mods, will utilize traditional zone placement and will feature curvy roads. Players will also be able to build a walkable city for their sims.
SimCity will also feature an orchestral score. Kent Jolly is the Audio Director on the project and was sound designer on SC 3000, SC4, and Audio Director on SC Rush Hour.
SimCity is slated for a 2013 release on the PC!