New patch for Space Hulk: Deathwing updates the graphical engine, improves overall performance

Streum On Studio has released a massive new update for Space Hulk: Deathwing. According to the release notes, this patch updates the game’s graphical engine, improving loading and overall performance, as well as general stability.

In addition, this patch brings new weapons and expands class loadouts to multiplayer, improves multiplayer load times, and fixes hardware-related issues on AMD’s graphics cards.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can read its complete changelog below.

Space Hulk: Deathwing – Update 1.29d Changelog

New Features

  • All the multiplayer classes (except the assault) got extended weaponry available.
  • Added new weapons in multiplayer (Heavy Flamer and HellFire).
  • PAD menu is now available.
  • Genestealers Psykers are now able to teleport.
  • Genestealer Warrior-strain will now have a chance to release a thorax swarm on death.


  • Overall Performance Improvement LD / IA / Gameplay / Streaming.
  • When loading a multiplayer map, all players now load at the same time.
  • Improved loading times for all maps.
  • Added more accurate deconnection popup in case of issue in a multiplayer game.
  • Improved Anti-aliasing options.
  • Improved Genestealer Behavior.
  • Axis Inversion now works properly in the wheel order.


  • You no longer see your class icon on top of the screen in solo play.
  • When entering a new ship, the description of the ship can no longer be seen while in tactical map.
  • In multiplayer, when playing the chapter 5 to 9, the XP bonus for guests players is no longer seen for the host.
  • The class icon of the precedent played chapter no longer displays on the following one.
  • The minimal number of players required to finish chapter 3 is now properly displayed.
  • It is no longer possible to see the GUI on the wrong side of a door when interacting with it.
  • Fix minor issue with the special effect in the Geneseed room for Guests.


  • You can no longer use escape as a keybind (this could block you previously)
  • You can no longer heal an ally during its death animation
  • The option menu now displays properly in multiplayer lobby
  • Fix having a black screen at the start of the game if you used too often ready/cancel as Host.
  • Fix possible block after a pop-up disconnect
  • It’s no longer possible to overlap the bestiary and reliquary panel in the briefing.
  • You can now close the map with escape in multiplayer.
  • You can now change the playlist in the multiplayer lobby without having the focus on it.
  • Improved character limit for multiplayer name server.
  • The difficulty is now properly displayed for new guests accessing the lobby
  • It is no longer possible to display the last weapon unlocked while on the skill tree screen
  • Fix possible camera issue when joining a new lobby.
  • Fix sometimes the tactical map being displayed in-game after hacking a turret.
  • All the multiplayer lobbys are now properly displayed after leaving a game.
  • Sound options are no longer resets.


  • Fix in-game voicechat being activated all the times.
  • The steam voice-chat can now be properly used in-game.
  • The reload animation is now properly played all the time.
  • You now see properly the launch timer of a lobby upon joining it.
  • Fix creating a new lobby not resetting the difficulty.
  • You can now close the in-game chat by clicking outside its box.
  • Fix camera view not working properly while dead.
  • Fixed a bug that closed doors other than the one with which the player was interacting with.
  • The minimap is now properly refreshred for every players.
  • Fix a possible exploit regarding class limitation.
  • Fix multiple issues with the respawn.
  • Fix a possible block when using too much the “previous teammate” input before respawning.
  • Fix multiple objective not being properly displayed for the guest.
  • Fix an issue with sometimes not having the good weaponry at the start of the game.
  • Skills cooldown are now always properly displayed.
  • Passives are now always properly displayed.


  • The low health sound is no longer played after getting out of a vision.


  • Fix sometimes missing relic in chapter 2.
  • Fix sometimes having a bad camera after the vision in chapter 3.
  • There is no longer an invisible wall in chapter 4.
  • When Nahum dies, the amount of healed he used to have is no longer displayed.
  • Fix some graphical and objective glitches in the tutorial.
  • Fix an issue with objective display in chapter 7 after loading a save.


  • Fix numerous case of Genestealers being stuck/blocked.


  • Stability improvement on AMD Cards.
  • Fix of a possible crash linked to particle system.
  • Fix of a possible crash when using alt+shift in rare cases.
  • Fix of a possible crash when jumping-in a gameplay game.
  • Fix of a possible crash when using the zoom in very rare cases.
  • Fix of a possible crash when joining a game where the host was dead.
  • Fix of a possible crash in the loading screen.
  • Fix of a possible crash when the guest opens the menu in the multiplayer briefing.
  • Fix of a possible crash when going back to the main menu.
  • Fix of a possible gameplay crash in chapter 2.
  • Fix of a possible gameplay crash in chapter 6.
  • Fix of a possible gameplay crash in chapter 7.
  • Fix of a possible crash occurring when joining a new game through a steam invite.
  • Fix of a possible crash in chapter 9 after being teleported.
  • Fix of a possible crash when a player left the game while dead.
  • Fix of a possible crash for the guest when respawning.
  • Fix of a possible crash while loading a new a chapter as a guest.
  • Fix of a possible crash with quickmatch joining.
  • Multiple other crash fixes.


  • Multiple Z-Fight fixes.
  • Fixes of several graphical issues when zooming.
  • Graphic correction in the last room of the game.
  • AMD graphics cards no longer see unsightly shadows in some chapters.


  • It’s no longer possible to open the 3rd door on which the C.A.T was working on, during chapter 8.
  • Having a custom objective on the C.A.T path will no longer block him.
  • Fix a rare block on the objective Purge in chapter 3.
  • Fix a rare block on the first encounter in chapter 1.
  • Fix sometimes starting a chapter not in the psygate.