Mass Effect: Andromeda – E3 2016 versus Final Build comparison screenshots

Back in E3 2016, Electronic Arts showcased a trailer that appeared to be featuring in-game footage from Mass Effect: Andromeda. And since the review codes for Mass Effect: Andromeda have already been sent, you can find below some comparison screenshots between the game’s E3 2016 build and its final version.

As we can see, there are some differences between the E3 2016 and the final builds. The eye and skin shaders have taken a hit, and the lighting in the final build feels simpler/less complex than the one used in the E3 2016 build.

To BioWare’s and Electronic Arts’ credit, the gameplay footage found in the “Official EA Play 2016” video (from which these scenes were taken) was never advertised as representative of the final build.

Still, and given the fact that Star Wars: Battlefront’s reveal trailer was just as good as its final version, we are a bit disappointed that BioWare had to lower the graphical fidelity of its title.

Enjoy the comparisons (E3 2016 build is on the left, whereas the final build is on the right).

Thanks NeoGAF