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New Monster Hunter World mods add DualShock 4 Controller prompts, remove blurry effects and more

While Monster Hunter World does not come with modding tools, it appears that its community has already released the first mods for it. Following Kaldaien’s Special-K mod for Monster Hunter World, below you can find some other mods that add DualShock 4 and Switch Pro controller prompts, Reshade mods that address the game’s blurry visuals and model swaps.

Let’s start with the simple ones. Those using a DualShock 4 or a Switch Pro controller can download and use these mods from modder MHVuze. As their titles suggests, these mods will change the Xbox One Controller prompts to DualShock 4 Controller and Switch Pro Controller prompts, respectively.

On the other hand, Dirty Dan, has released a mod that relies on Kaldaien’s Special-K and removes the Motion Blur, DOF and Vignette effects. Furthermore, Creision released a Reshade mod that aims to remove the horrific bleaching of textures and improve the visuals by popping colours and adding ambient obscurance.

Modder UberGrain has also released some model swaps packs that replace the Gathering Hub girls’ default outfit and the Sisterly Fourth’s default outfit with the Summer Festival swimsuit outfit.

Last but not least, modder MHVuze has released a tool via which players/modders can decompress Monster Hunter: World chunkN.bin files and extract the resulting PKG file. This tool will let you explore and analyze the game files, something that may lead to even cooler mods in the future.

Overall, it appears that Monster Hunter World’s community has got off to a good start so it will be interesting to see whether the game will receive some truly great mods or whether it will keep getting model swaps and nothing more.

Stay tuned for more!