New Mass Effect Texture Pack released, improves and adds a lot of HD textures

Modder ‘CDAMJC’ has released an Anniversary Edition of his MEUITM texture pack for the first Mass Effect game. As the title suggests, this pack adds new high-quality textures to Mass Effect in order to improve its overall visual quality.

The anniversary edition of MEUITM comes with improved performance and mipmap function (no glitches), a new installer, 2K texture option at the installer level for performance and lots of new textures.

CDAMJC has improved lots of characters and environment,s and all normal maps have been improved with proper uncompressed to 3dc compression.

Those interested can download this Mass Effect Texture Pack from here. Do note that this Texture Pack is most likely incompatible with the ALOT mod for Mass Effect we reported back in December 2017.

Here are some screenshots from this Texture Pack.

And here are the key features of the MEUITM Anniversary Edition:


Anderson face completely overhauled more vanilla friendly while also providing some ME3 continuity, and uniform tweaks.
Asari completely overhauled
Salarians redone more fine details
Batarians added new re-texture
Ash: new textures, seam fixes
Ash phoenix armor: new textures/overhauled
Kaiden completely overhauled and seamless.
Wrex overhauled with seam fixes
Wrex new heavy mercenary armor re-texture
Garrus minor but solid updates more detail, fixed scales on side of neck, other minor improvements.
Tali- optional face more visible armor set, and original face visibility both with improved fabrics and color matching to original sets.
Joker totally redone, better beard skin and eyebrows.
Saren seam fixes in face and armor
Benezia minor updates and possibly missing texture (she has 2 sets so it’s possible some were not rendering in some scenes)
Sheploo completely redone and seam fixes
Femshep redone all new skins (hopefully more realistic and vanilla friendly) and seam fixes, some eyebrows-still working away at all 18( too many)
Broshep eyebrows and beards so far-need more work though- seams not bad at all, but I may fix if I can squeeze it in, if not a future update
eyes-hd eyes and reflections
HD eyelashes toned down from last version, closer to vanilla with a little flare-I may update them but so far i am satisfied
Nude female human and asari redone seamless with more details for romance scenes
Dancer outfit more details, seams removed
Reporter dress redone -I may still tweak
“Skanky” dress seams removed and texture touched up.
Thorian completely redone much more detail, more textures covered.
N7 armors- optional original onyx style re-texture for ME1 purists.
Also found a missing salarian NPC outfit I never included-whoops.

All normal maps without alpha channels 98% of them-improved with proper uncompressed to 3dc compression.


Normandy lettering inside ship
Most Normandy floor panels
Normandy doorways
Normandy entry platform in the docking area
Normandy HD Galaxy map on deck
HD galaxy map while in map.
Citadel clouds-mior-just minimizes artifacting
Citadel-reworked lightmaps dxt but higher res to compensate for loss (still not as nice as the original) but more memory friendly and format change is not supported with MEM currently.
Citadel Embassy flags
Avina citadel console-minor fixes artifacting
Citadel transports-minor fixes/minimizes artifacting on reflection.
Feros many concrete textures, floors walls, craters
Feros lightmaps on main area for much smoother cast lighting.
Virmire-retextured beaches many types
Virmire-retextured cliffside vegetation