New gorgeous short gameplay videos released for Russia 2055, pre-alpha on February 28th

Invictus Volition has released some short gameplay videos for its first-person game that is powered by Unreal Engine 4, Russia 2055. Russia 2055 looks absolutely incredible for a one-man project and Invictus Volition confirmed that its pre-alpha build will be available on February 28th.

Below you can find two gameplay videos. The first one shows a camera shaking or inertia effect (that could perhaps annoy some gamers so here is hoping that there will be an option to disable it).

The second one shows more of the level that Invictus Volition has created, as well as some of the gameplay mechanics. It looks really cool but I believe that all these videos (as well as the older ones) are cleverly captured in order to give the illusion of an open-world area instead of a limited level.

As said, this is a one-man project and you should temper your expectations. While these videos are as cinematic as they can get, they most likely hide some limitations. For example you can clearly see in the second video that the area beyond the sea (those buildings) are most likely just a background and nothing more.

I’d be really shocked if the beta has a really big level and not a small one. Still, its art style is amazing and I seriously hope that Invictus Volition will hire more developers in order to complete it (or at least sign up a deal with a publisher so that it can turn this project into a full-length game).

According to its official Twitter page, the pre-alpha build will be available to download on February 28th.