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New cool Star Wars and RAGE 2 mods released for Doom/GZDoom

Modders ‘Ximmerman’ and ‘fofaniger’ have released two new cool mods for Doom/GZDoom. The first one brings the world of Star Wars to GZDoom, while the second is a demake of RAGE 2.

Going into more details, Xim’s Star Wars Doom replaces Doom’s weapons, enemies and (almost all) decoration objects with those from Dark Forces. Moreover, most projectiles are 3D models of Star Wars blaster effects. It’s also worth noting that the gameplay is changed quite a lot. After all, there aren’t any hitscan attacks now (though projectiles typically move quite fast). Oh, and you can also use the force.

On the other hand, fofaniger’s RAGE 2 mod for GZDoom aims to add its enemies, weapons and other items and bonuses. The first initial version only replaces the game’s weapons. In a future version, the modder plans to replace the monsters so hopefully it won’t take him a long time until then.

Both modders have also released videos of their mods that you can find below. Therefore, we suggest watching if you want to get an idea of what they are all about.

It’s pretty cool witnessing the Doom community going strong even after all these years. So yeah, kudos to all Doom modders our there.