Multiplayer space combat sim, Infinity: Battlescape, is now available on Steam Early Access

Remember Infinity: Battlescape? You know, that sim game with its amazing planetary transition? Well, good news space sim fans as I-Novae Studios has released the game on Steam Early Access. Yeap, after 15 whole years of development, PC gamers can finally play this multiplayer space sim title.

Infinity: Battlescape allows players to fight for domination of a seamless, true-to-scale procedural star system. Furthermore, players can participate in massive space and planetary battles involving hundreds of ships.

Its Early Access version features the core gameplay. The game will stay in Early Access for six to twelve months. Its final/full version will sport more content, mostly in the form of additional planets, equipments, upgrades, missions, squad management capabilities, and cosmetics for both your ship and cockpit.

In order to celebrate the game’s Early Access release, I-Novae Studios shared a new trailer that you can find below.


Infinity: Battlescape - Official Steam Trailer