First The Surge 2 patch available for download, resolves stutters and rendering crashes

Deck13 has released the first PC patch for The Surge 2. According to the release notes, this update addresses some stuttering issues, as well as some rendering crashes. Unfortunately, though, this update does not resolve the single core/thread issues we’ve previously reported.

This update also fixes a bug that allowed the game to set the onboard graphics card to GPU 0. Moreover, it fixes an issue with Inventory keybind input.

Deck13 has also released a beta patch for those that want to test an experimented version of The Surge 2. The beta patch resolves a crash that could occur by Hawkes Audiolog and by finishing the body of a nano beast in T0 PC and T7. Furthermore, it shows implants correctly at core power 100+.

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client. Deck13 claims that a future patch will improve overall performance, though it did not clarify the improvements that will be coming to it.

But anyway, below you can find the – short – changelog for this first update for The Surge 2.

The Surge 2 September 28th Update Release Notes
  • Stuttering fix
  • Rendering crash fix (launch crash)
  • Works on Win7 (xinput1_4.dll added to depot)
  • In some rare cases the onboard GPU would set to GPU 0. The game will now check which of your GPUs is the dedicated one and use that instead.
  • Fixed an issue with Inventory keybind input