Neversoft – the studio behind Tony Hawk & Guitar Hero – is working on a new Call of Duty title

Activision seems quite serious with the Call of Duty franchise, as one of its internal teams (and various partners) is currently working on a Call of Duty title. So, Treyarch is working on Black Ops 2, there have been reports for Sledgehammer working on a Call of Duty title and now Neversoft, the team behind Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero, is working on the Call of Duty franchise.
Spotted by NeoGAFer ‘Holy Wars’, Neversoft is currently recruiting for a new, FPS title. The team is currently seeking for a Lead Multiplayer Level Designer, Lead Single-Player Level Designer, Level Designer, Master Technical Animator, Senior Concept Artist, Senior Environment Artist, Single Player Design Scripter and Sr. Level Designer.
Not only that, but we can clearly notice Call of Duty’s logo at the career’s page. And as the main page reads, Neversoft is ready to push the First Person Shooter genre in support of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise.
It’s pretty obvious that Neversoft is working on a brand new Call of Duty game. Our guess is that they might be co-working with Sledgehammer on the next Call of Duty title. After all, Sledgehammer worked with Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare 3, so a new collaboration with another studio from Activision seems likely.
Stay tuned for more!