Need For Speed SpeedLists Update Now Available, Release Notes Revealed

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games have released a new update for Need For Speed. According to the release notes, this patch adds SpeedLists and a Prestige Mode, packs various changes to the way Daily Challenges award decals, and brings some new activities.

In case you were unaware of, SpeedLists are a series of five pre-selected events that you compete in against other human opponents.

On the other hand, the Prestige mode offers a collection of tougher Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw events from the game’s main story mode.

This update will be auto-downloaded from Origin, and you can read its complete changelog below.

Need For Speed – Update SpeedLists Changelog:

Full Patch Notes
With this Living Game Update players will now be able to experience Need for Speed Multiplayer in a brand new way in SpeedLists, and replay the best of the story events with a much harder twist in Prestige.


Test your skills versus other players in custom made tournaments to become the Speedlist World Champion.

  • There are different types of tournaments so choose the one that suits you: Speed, Style or Mixed.
  • Use the time between Speedlists to tune your car and get the winning edge.
  • The higher you finish in each event, the more SpeedPoints you’ll rack up.
  • Join a Speedlist at any moment and you will race the next event available in the tournament.


  • Are you ready to try some of the best events from the story but in HARD MODE?
  • Prestige offers a collection of tougher Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw events.
  • Once you’ve completed Story mode you can expect a call from some old friends to let you know about this new challenge.
  • Turn on Prestige from your phone to toggle between regular and Prestige events.
  • This time winning isn’t everything. You’ll have to beat a series of increasingly tough target scores to earn Gold in each event.


  • Drift or Speed? Choose your style and compete with your friends for the best scores in these short skill challenges.
  • Drift long, hard and fast through the Drift Corners to smash the target score.
  • If Speed is your game, then some short and challenging Speed Runs are out there for you.
  • Remember not to collide and keep up the pace so you can leave your mark on the Speedwall.
  • Collect them all and keep playing to stay top among your friends and earn those bragging rights.

Daily Challenges

  • Challenges now offer a unique wrap editor decal for each Challenge beaten.
  • There are over 150 Daily Challenge decals to collect, previously only available if you beat all three daily challenges.
  • Keep playing to earn more decals and personalize your ride.


  • Forced Induction and a new visual Engine are all now available on the Ford 1932 Hotrod
  • New Community Campaigns for REP bonuses, $ bonuses and discounts – keep watching our Social Challenges for details on upcoming events
  • 3 Brand new Achievements & Trophies. These ones are tough!
  • Improved network warning messages for players with a poor connection
  • New red zone on the rev counter to clearly see your rev limit
  • Updated Drag Race Outro comparison screen
  • Various Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Multiple stability fixes