Need For Speed: The Run; Black Box might remove the FPS cap via a future patch

One of the most annoying things in NFS: The Run – and one of the reasons we haven’t bothered with it for a Performance Analysis – is the fact that the game is capped at 30fps. Some users tried to unlock it but thus far, there hasn’t been any proper/working mod or workaround for it. All hope is not lost though as Executive Producer, Jason DeLong, and Producer, Brian Lindley, of NFS: The Run stated that they might remove this cap in a future patch.
That was revealed during last Friday’s Live Chat with Jason and Brian. As the producers stated, NFS: The Run’s future patch will be based on its community feedback and they are already looking at addressing this framerate limitation.
That’s good to know but when will this patch be released? Now that’s a good question. Oh, and some AA options would be nice our dear developers since this is a DX10/11 title that is powered by the Frostbite 2.0, an engine that is capable of offering AA with deferred lighting.
Need for Speed The Run - Launch Live Chat Replay