NBA 2K21 in-engine teaser

NBA 2K21 PC will be based on the current-gen and not the next-gen version

Similarly to FIFA 21, the PC version of NBA 2K21 will be based on the current-gen and not the next-gen version. 2K Games has officially revealed this via a new promotional image, so this is now official; PC gamers will not enjoy the benefits of next-gen NBA 2K21.

2K Games has not revealed the reasons behind this decision. If we’d have to guess, we’d say that the publisher currently wants to reach a bigger audience on the PC. Thus, and from a business perspective, it makes sense to release the current-gen version on the PC.

Of course this isn’t what most enthusiast PC gamers want to hear. Still, and at least for now, PC gamers won’t enjoy any next-gen sports game. Whether this will change in 2021 remains to be seen.

Now since the game won’t have any major graphical, physics or AI enhancements on the PC, it makes me wonder why PC gamers should invest on it. Why should they spend $59 on a game that will feel similar to its 2019 version? Of course this applies to pretty much all sports games that release on a yearly basis, including PES and FIFA.

At least the good news here is that the PC version will be cheaper than the next-gen version, and will come out this September.

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