NBA 2K Online Free-To-Play Game Announced For China

2K Sports today announced the public launch of its free-to-play NBA 2K Online game on the Tencent Games portal in China. Selected players who have an activation account can now log on to the website to test the title and discover the innovative gameplay experience of NBA 2K Online. The “no data wipe” open beta for NBA 2K Online will save players’ in-game data and records to ensure that their progressions are maintained and up to date when the game goes live.
David Ismailer, Chief Operating Officer at 2K said:
“We’re pleased that our partnership with Tencent continues to make progress and consumers are beginning to experience our world renowned NBA brand and signature gameplay. Online gaming in Asia represents one of our organization’s key, long-term strategic initiatives. We are encouraged by this opportunity to complement our core business through leveraging our proven franchise and development expertise with one of the region’s most successful online services.”
NBA 2K Online is being co-developed by Tencent and 2K Sports in Shanghai. The online game service builds on 2K Sports’ award-winning basketball simulation franchise in an exciting MMO format, matching an engaging NBA 2K simulation gameplay with entirely new RPG activities, such as character personalization, quests and achievements.
NBA 2K Online will feature various game modes (presented on the industry-leading NBA 2K basketball game engine), fully-user customizable content, highly accessible design (with keyboard/mouse control and intuitive user interface), as well as strong community as the game integrates social networking functions and leaderboards.