Ground Branch – New HD Video showcases the features of this upcoming tactical FPS title

You know what? I’m somehow sad – and disappointed – as Ground Branch has not been funded yet. You see, contrary to other Kickstarter campaigns, BlackFoot Studios has provided everyone with a gorgeous video that features gameplay footage and showcases the features that will be supported. Yesterday, the company released a new HD version of their Kickstarter main video that can be viewed below.
So, Ground Branch will support character and weapon customization, mods, dedicated server tools, non linear game design, and there won’t be any class restrictions. In addition, the game will sport realistic bullet balistics, scenarios that take place at different TOD’s, the ability to free look indepedently, accurate colisions of your weapons with the world, and appropriate rate of fire selection ability. In other words, this is a dream for all Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six fans.
Those interested can back up this project by visiting its Kickstarter page. There are still 11 days left and the team needs $450K (in total) to fund their game.
If you are a Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, or a tactical shooter fan, you should definitely spread the word about it.
Ground Branch Kickstarter v2