Namco responds to PC gamers demand for removing GFWL from Dark Souls PC, petition approaches 20K signatures

A while ago, we informed you about the features of Dark Souls PC. As you may remember, Namco has revealed back then that the PC version would be using GFWL. Naturally, a lot of PC gamers got annoyed by it and decided to express their opinion on Namco’s forums. Not only that, but another petition got started with the hope to further push Namco in abandoning their plans of integrating Microsoft’s GFWL service in their upcoming title.
So, a small success to all those who opposed Namco’s decision, as community manager ‘HollieBennett’ revealed that the company is¬†gathering all thoughts, feedback¬†and comments and will be approaching the development teams as soon as possible:
“Just to keep you updated. We (the whole European team) have been feverishly gathering all your thoughts and comments and will be approaching the development teams etc with this ASAP and we will move on from there.
Don’t worry your voices have not been forgotten and I once AGAIN want to say how thankful I am that the community are able to voice there opinions so well!”
In other news, the online petition for the removal of GFWL is approaching the 20K signatures. According to the petition, GFWL is unpopular, difficult to use, inconvenient, has terrible online support (a key feature in Dark Souls), and is downright unpleasant. As you may thought, the petition suggests to use Steamworks.
Our guess is that From Software decided to use GFWL because they’re porting the X360 version of Dark Souls to PC. It would require a lot of work to remove GFWL and replace it with another service, like Steamworks, especially when you think about all the co-op modes, matchmaking and synchronization issues that could occur.
Still, there is hope so keep your fingers crossed!