Mythos: The Beginning – Resident Evil meets Fallout & Shadow of the Comet – Now Available On Steam

Mythos: The Beginning, from solo developer Dark Gaia, today launches on Steam (at least in some regions) – right in time for Halloween. To celebrate, the developer has released a brand new trailer.

Dark Gaia – aka Dayle Grixiti – has fused together the traditional RPG and survival horror genres to create a game that sits somewhere between Resident Evil, Fallout, and the Lovecraftian classic Shadow of the Comet.

Set in London, 1934, the game opens with a visit from a Professor Blacktail, a troubled man who has come to you in dire need of help. As a legendary paranormal investigator, you’re asked for your help in finding three missing students who have vanished whilst conducting a scientific survey of the infamous Harborough Asylum.

Arriving at the asylum, you quickly discover that there is more to its reputation than mere urban legends. In Mythos: The Beginning, players will need to fight for their life against otherworldly creatures and it’ll be up to them to unravel the mysteries hidden within its dark corridors.

Dayle Grixiti explains:

“Mythos: The Beginning is a tribute to adventure games and RPG classics of yesteryear. It’s Resident Evil, Shadow of the Comet and Fallout, all wrapped up in a Gothic horror adventure taking inspiration from the monster movies of the 1930s. Create your own protagonist and take them through a nightmare they’ll never forget.”

Here are the game’s key features:

-Blends survival horror and traditional RPG gameplay
-Old-school pen and paper style role playing
-Use non-combat skills like Persuade, Investigate, and Occult Lore to discover clues
-Combination of dialogue trees, skill checks, and monster encounters
-Voice acted dialogue and atmospheric soundtrack


Mythos: The Beginning Trailer