Mythos fans, rejoice; Mythos Global Closed Beta Announced

Last month, we informed you about the closure of the European servers for Mythos by Frogster. Well, rejoice everyone as Mythos Global is now a reality. Our guess is that Hanbitsoft and Frogster had some arguments about the game’s development and as a result of that, the former publisher decided to shut down its servers. However, Hanbitsoft has partnered with T3Fun and announced today that the highly anticipated dungeon-crawler ARPG Mythos – now renamed to Mythos Global – will hold a four-day closed beta test beginning on December 1st. Beta keys will be distributed by partner sites, so fans should stay tuned for a chance to participate.

Beta players will have the exclusive opportunity to experience this epic world in all of its non-stop, monster-slaughtering glory. Mythos features high-quality random dungeon generation designed to ensure that each run is a new and exciting experience, an intricate loot system boasting a massive array of possible stats and attributes for items and equipment, and an in-depth crafting system containing entire skill trees which are unique to crafting.
There will also be lots of events for beta players to participate in, held both in-game and via the Mythos Facebook page. Fans can also sign up for the official newsletter in order to get the latest information and updates regarding the beta period.