Mortal Kombat II SNES Mod for Doom is 75% complete, will feature new fatalities

mortalkombat2 v2
Our reader ‘Cristian Fabian Munoz Isla’ has updated us about the progress of his amazing Mortal Kombat II SNES mod for Doom. Cristian added a cool custom map to his mod that will bring a lot of memories to all 16bit console fans. This map features a big Super Nintendo with 2 joypads, and each of those has its own visor.
As Cristian told us:
“I added 2 properties of the snes machine: if you hit the floor of the power button (left side), go to next map (arcade), but if you touch the reset button (right side), the game is restarted (this is necesary if appear some bugs could affect the game or if someone cant continue the fight and want to another replace him.”
This mod is 75% complete, and will feature some new fatalities as Shang Tsung will be able to transform into the cyberdemon and kill the enemy with its rocket launcher.
Moreover, Human Smoke could be playable as secret character.
This mod looks really cool, however there are still some issues with some hit-boxes and the movement/animation system of the MK2 characters while gaming. There are occasions when the whole thing feels like a somehow average Mugen title. Here is hoping that Cristian will be able to address these issues before releasing it.
Enjoy a video from the latest version of the MK2 mod for Doom!