Mortal Kombat Doom – Demo 3.0 Is Now Available

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Modder Doomero has informed us about a new version of his Mortal Kombat mod for id Software’s classic FPS, Doom. As the title suggests, this mod brings Mortal Kombat Trilogy to Doom, meaning that players can play against each other via the Internet. It’s a really cool concept, though there are still a lot of bugs that need further polishing. Still, this is a great idea so make sure to at least view the video demonstration of this mod below.
Players will need the Doom2.wad file, as well as Gzdoom tower of babel and zdl (multiplayer gzdoom launcher). The later two files are included in this mod (that can be downloaded from here), so there is no need to worry.
Those interested in playing against others will have to follow these steps:
-open ZDL
-goto settings
-source ports/engines : add the gzdoom exe of the file (not others gzdoom)
-iwads : add DOOM2.wad (also works with tnt.wad or plutonia.wad)
-return to main : external wads “NOT” add nothing.
-map: load map03 (map01 and 02 is only for single player).
-skill: hard.
-game mode: coop
-for the hoster: put the number of players and later press launch button (remember, the match only start if all the players enter the server, that mean if you put 4 players, the match not start with 2 or 3 players)
-for the client: put the ip address of the hoster and put on players “joining”, later press launch button.
when you enter to the server you will see a arcade machine, enter on the gray floor, the match not start if the other player not enter to the gray floor too.