Ex-STALKER Developers Launch Kickstarter For Humans Must Answer, Aim To Raise £5K In 29 Days

Humans Must Answer
As you may already know, we love mods and indie titles. And if you’re a regular visitor here, you may remember Humans Must Answer. In case you don’t, let us remind you that this is a 2D SHUMP that is being developed by ex-STALKER developers. And we are happy to report today that the team behind it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it. SumomGames aims to raise £5K in 29 days, a small goal that might be hard to hit due as most publications have not bothered with it.
As its description reads, Humans Must Answer is a slightly wacky 2D space shooter set in the distant future with eye-popping visuals and lots of explosions.
The good news is that Humans Must Answer will be released whether SumomGames reach the funding goal or not. The £5,000 will go towards adding the extra polish the game requires, covering living costs and start-up costs that go into finishing and distributing the game.
There are some interesting stretch goals as well, so make sure to at least pay a visit to this game’s Kickstarter page.