More than 10.000 people have downloaded the freeware remake of Wolfenstein 3D; New Update Released

It’s been almost a week since the release of Wolfram, the freeware remake of Wolfenstein 3D, and more than 10K people have downloaded it. That’s really amazing and we bet that Chain Studios was really impressed with that number. In addition, the indie studio has released a new update for Wolfram that fixes various issues, crashes and rebalances the game a bit.
Those interested can download the update from here (if you’ve downloaded the English version) and here (if you’ve downloaded the Russian version).
Here is the complete changelog:
•Added CrashRpt system for automated crash report generation and submission.
•Added “Level statistics” item to the Controls menu.
•Flashlight range increased.
•MP-40 bullet damage increased.
•Luger reload time decreased.
•MG-42 accuracy increased a bit in an IronSight mode for a crouched player.
•Fixed bug with software sound which led to a crash.
•Fixed bug with “Bloodlust” achievement, when it was enough to kill 3 enemies instead of 50.
•Fixed a minor problem in a loopback network code.
•Ragdoll intertia decreased.