Mordhau has sold almost 500K copies in its first week

Triternion has announced that its first-person melee game, Mordhau, has sold almost 500K copies in its first week. In Mordhau, players enter a hectic battlefield of up to 64 players as a mercenary in a fictional, but realistic world, where they get to experience the brutal and satisfying melee combat.

According to the developers, the game’s launch wasn’t smooth as it was plagued with severe server performance issues. Thankfully, most of its reported issues have already been resolved and the team is currently addressing some of the more frequent and critical issues, like the “Ghost Bug” among others, as well as some map exploits.

“Unfortunately the launch wasn’t as smooth as we had hoped. Server performance was abysmal and reward drops such as Gold and XP, as well as unlocks were not functioning properly. We are still in the process of seting up new servers in regions that need them and as a result the Matchmaking can still be spotty. There’s also some other Matchmaking related bugs that prevent parties from joining the same game, or BR lobbies to populate very slowly, but we’re on top of that. All things considered, the majority of launch issues have been resolved. As for compensation of the lost Gold and XP. We have not forgotten about it and will be shipping it via the next patch.”

The team will also start looking into Ranked/Competitive modes, and it will keep adding new armor pieces and weapon skins here and there, as well as some new character customization options. Moreover, Triternion plans to release some modding tools at a later date.