Montague’s Mount Now Available On Steam

Montagues Mount

Polypusher Studios has announced the release of its debut game, Montague’s Mount, on Steam. The Irish studio has been working closely with UK publisher Mastertronic to complete the title and has just launched on Steam with new updates to the game. Developed for PC, Mac & Linux, Montague’s Mount is now available on, Get Games, GamersGate and Steam.

As its press release reads, Montague’s Mount is a first-person roller-coaster ride through isolation, desolation and one man’s tortured mind, set against the bleakness of an isolated Irish island. The player regains consciousness on a windswept beach, with no memory of the past. Exploration and puzzle solving are the keys to finding out what happened – and to escaping the island. Polypusher is a one-man studio based in Ireland and the game blends personal experience with realistic landscapes and makes extensive use of the Gaelic language throughout.

Montague’s Mount has been Greenlit on Steam, kick-started by its public debut at Rezzed! PC and Indie Gaming show in June. A more recent highlight was its outing with the Oculus Rift at the Eurogamer Expo show in September where crowds queued to experience a more immersive experience of the game. Montague’s Mount has since been released on Get Games, GamersGate and

The new updates to Montague’s Mount feature new voice audio from actor Derek Riddell. Reviewers and fans alike consistently praised the voiceover in the original launch of the game and the Steam launch version has greatly expanded this area of the game. New plotlines enhance the story and give a much richer overall gaming experience. Diary entries scattered about the island expand the story of the island and its people. Further enhancements included an inverted mouse option, the option to toggle achievement text, and various bug and text fixes, leading to a smoother gaming experience overall.

Polypusher Studios’ Matt Clifton comments:

“The public support for Montague’s Mount has been heart-warming and that support has been emphasised with getting Greenlit on Steam. The public have played a significant part in the development process and user feedback has been critical to the evolution of the game. In addition to the bug fixes we have added more depth to the storyline with diary entries and additional audio to enhance the player’s experience throughout the game. I am currently working on integrating Oculus Rift support which will open up an entirely new dimension to the story.”

Full Oculus Rift support will be available in Spring 2014 and a short demo is included with the latest version of the game. To celebrate the launch of Montague’s Mount on Steam, the game will be available with a 25% discount for its first week on sale.


Mastertronic Presents: Montague's Mount Out Now on Steam!