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Monster Hunter World will use the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, parity with consoles, unlike to support mods

Capcom has just announced that Monster Hunter World will come to the PC on August 9th, however things are not looking really great. According to its Steam store page, Monster Hunter World will be using the controversial Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

We know some PC gamers boycott games that use this particular anti-tamper tech – regardless of whether it affects performance or not – so that will be something that may potentially hurt the game’s PC sales.

Not only that, but it appears that at launch the PC version will have the exact same visuals with the console versions and that it may not support mods.

When asked about mod support, Ryozo Tsujimoto told PCGamer that the team does not have anything to announce at this time. As for cross-platform multiplayer? Not going to happen.

“I want to synch these up as much as possible, but as mentioned previously regarding title updates, the differences in versions between platforms may prevent them being completely the same time.

[Balance patches] will be a case-by-case situation. If we find bugs that are happening only on PC for example, or issues arising after a title update, then we would put patches out on each platform as soon as possible. If there was an issue common to all platforms, however, doing it piecemeal would be less preferable than fixing every version at the same time so that everyone has the same experience.”

Last but not least, when asked about the visuals of the PC version, Tsujimoto said that when the game launches the visuals will have parity with the console versions, though Capcom is considering releasing a free update after launch.