Monster Hunter World – “Quest Editor” & “Monsters HP and Team Damage” mods available for download

Monster Hunter World fans, here are two cool mods for you today. Modder ‘Mortimus’ has released a Quest Editor mod that lets players modify quest files while modder ‘HelloWorId’ released a mod that displays the HP of monsters and the damage that your team receives.

The Quest Editor mod is currently in an early state that lets you modify the size, primary target, and hunter rank, and its latest version adds all used variables to be edited. The editor could also be used to change the location of a quest, however this setting is currently too buggy for release. Nevertheless, this is the first step at creating an unofficial Quest Editor that could open up a lot of possibilities.

On the other hand, the Show Monsters HP and Team Damage mod highlights Monster HP, Player Names, Player Damage and Player DPS. These details are presented in the chat window and players will have to follow this guide in order to enable it.

  • Open the exe file before/while the game is running.
  • Make sure the game is running in borderless mode.
  • Open chat window (press insert), then press F5 to send team damage to chat window.

As always, we strongly suggest using these mods in offline mode and not in online mode. These mods could get you banned so there is no point at all risking it.

Those interested can download the Quest Editor mod from here and the Show Monsters HP and Team Damage mod from here. We also suggest using the recently released Improved NPC Locations mod that adds some important NPCs to the gathering hub.

Have fun!