Here are ten minutes of gameplay footage from Square Enix’s Left Alive

Square Enix showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2018 its new survival action mech game, Left Alive, and below you can find a video showing ten minutes of gameplay footage. Unfortunately this video was captured from Square Enix’s livestream, meaning that it’s of a really low quality. Still though, it will give you an idea of the game.

Left Alive will allow players to control human characters and mechs in third-person perspective. And while the mech part looks really cool, the human part is really unpolished, repetitive, rough and unoriginal.

Left Alive is being developed by Toshifumi Nabeshima (Armored Core), Yoji Shinkawa (Metal Gear Solid) and Takayuki Yanase (Ghost in the Shell). And to be honest, you will immediately notice the Armored Core and Metal Gear Solid influences here (which is great as we may never get a new Metal Gear Solid game now that Kojima left Konami).

The game currently targets a February 28th, 2019, so here is hoping that its development team will further polish its third-person human parts!

LEFT ALIVE 最新ゲームプレイ映像 - TGS2018