This Monster Hunter World mod adds important NPCs to the gathering hub

Modder ‘MHVuze’ has released a pretty interesting mod for Monster Hunter World. As its title suggests, the Improved NPC Locations mod adds important NPCs to the gathering hub so that players won’t have to constantly leave for crafting and facility management.

This mod is said to be compatible in both offline and online modes, though we suggest avoid using it online as it may eventually lead to a ban. For the time being, Capcom has not banned the author for using it however there is no guarantee that you will be safe using it.

The NPCs that are being added to the gathering hub are Smithy, Resource Center, Botanist, Housekeeper, Argosy Captain, Elder Melder and Researcher. Naturally, this is a client-side mod, meaning that other online players won’t see the newly added NPCs if they don’t use the mod as well.

This mod is working with all of the game’s versions up to build 153524 and you can download it from here. Again, we suggest mainly using it in offline mode.

Have fun!