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Monster Hunter World is coming to the PC in Autumn 2018

Monster Hunter World will hit consoles later this month and Capcom revealed today that its PC version will release in Autumn 2018. Capcom claimed that it’s currently working hard on the PC version and promises to optimize it for our platform.

Apart from this target window Capcom did not reveal any additional information about the Monster Hunter World PC, like its PC requirements or its PC options. Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of Monster Hunter World, claimed that more details about the PC version will be revealed at a later date.

Monster Hunter: World sees players take on the role of a hunter that completes various quests to hunt and slay monsters within a lively living and breathing eco-system full of predators and prey.

In Monster Hunter: World, players will have a wide variety of gear to assist them in navigating the fantastical environments in the game, including the Glider mantle. Players can use this to extend their air-time after a jump and, as seen in the new trailer, in some areas, they may even be able to catch a lift on a rising wind draft to quickly reach higher ground.

Stay tuned for more!

Monster Hunter: World – PC Development Update