Final Fantasy 7 Remake new feature

Mods bring Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife, God of War’s Kratos and Spiderman to Final Fantasy XV

A couple of days ago, we informed you about a cool Power Rangers mod for Final Fantasy XV. Well, it appears that alongside this pack, modders have replaced Noctis with some beloved characters from other games. As such, the following mods bring Kratos from God of War, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7, Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy 8 and… Spiderman to Final Fantasy XV.

Of course I’m pretty sure that most of you will be wondering why the modders have decided to bring these characters to Final Fantasy XV. And the answer is quite simple: because they can.

Also, and since a lot of people are looking forward to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it’s actually pretty cool replacing Noctis with Cloud and re-playing the game. So yeah, we strongly suggest downloading it if you are die-hard Final Fantasy 7 fans. There are several Cloud Strife mods for Final Fantasy XV and you can download them from here, here and here.

Those interested can download the Final Fantasy 8 Squall Leonheart mod from here, the God of War Kratos mod from here, and the Spiderman mod from here and here.

Oh, and as a bonus, you can also replace Noctis with Dante or Nero from Devil May Cry 4!