Hollow Knight has sold over one million copies on the PC

Team Cherry has announced that its 2D atmospheric adventure game, Hollow Knight, has sold over one million copies on the PC platform. Hollow Knight features a huge-interconnected world with fluid combat and tight responsive control and has Very Positive reviews on Steam.

As Team Cherry’s Ari Gibson told Kotaku:

“Hollow Knight’s success has in large part been driven by it’s many fans on PC, with the game having now sold over 1 million copies for Windows, Mac & Linux (crossing that mark just 1 day before the Nintendo Switch launch)

We’ve never publicly mentioned hitting the million mark on PC, so that is another big milestone! We hit that 3 weeks ago and it kinda flew under our radar because of the madness around E3/Switch launch.”

Hollow Knight currently comes with a 34% discount, meaning that you can get it for only 9,89€. This offer will end in six hours, so make sure to get it while you still can!

Hollow Knight - Release Trailer