Miner Wars MMO is now available for pre-order

Keen Software announced today that the pre-oders for Miner Wars MMO are now available for $19.99 USD in a unique new approach: MMO for one-time purchase with no monthly subscription fees. According to the company, Miner Wars MMO is a massive multi-player online version of the single-player (and cooperative multiplayer) Miner Wars 2081.
Keen Software has decided to start with the pre-sales to see how big the interest of the players in the MMO version is. For this reason, pre-sales are given for only 19.99 USD with no other monthly subscription fees. This means that players will pay 19.99 USD, thus support the developers and once the MMO comes out (Q4 2012), they can play the game for at least 2 years (guaranteed) without any subscription fees.
Single-player/standard multi-player (Miner Wars 2081) is currently in pre-alpha stage and available for free download from its official website. Access to the pre-alpha of Miner Wars MMO will be “most likely” given to Keen’s loyal customers earlier, in Q2-Q3/2012.