Microtransactions will most likely come to Battlefield 5 in January 2019 according to a leak

It appears that after the game’s low sales, EA and DICE will do anything to boost its revenue by, you guessed it, implementing microtransactions. Reddit’s member ‘spanky088‘ has discovered the following image, indicating that microtransactions will be coming to the latest Battlefield game on January 18th.

We don’t expect EA to implement any loot boxes to the game, however it’s almost a certain at this point that microtransactions are coming. And it’s funny that while the game is still lacking content (like the promised battle royale mode) EA and DICE will do anything to boost its revenue.

EA has stated that Battlefield’s currency will only be used for cosmetics, meaning that – theoretically – the gameplay will not be affected by these micro-transactions. Again, that’s a theoretical scenario and while some gamers will not bother with these cosmetics, it’s almost a guarantee that EA targets a specific audience that cannot resist spending money on such things.