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DSOGaming Christmas 2018 Giveaway – Win 18 PC Games [Winners Announced]

And it’s that time of the year again. While our Top 10 Most Optimized PC Games of 2018 has not gone live yet, we’ve decided to alter this year’s giveaway. As such, we’ll be giving away 13 games from smaller studios that, in our opinion, could benefit from some extra exposure.

But wait… I can already read your mind… small games for a Christmas giveaway? Blasphemy, how can this be? Therefore, we’ll be also giving away the first five games of our Top 10 Most Optimized PC Games of 2018. To be honest, we haven’t determined that list yet so we can’t really tell you right now which are these five triple-A games. As for the other 13 games, you can find among them GRIP, GRIS, 2084, Book of Demons and more.

You can participate in this giveaway via three ways: By simply leaving a ‘Thank You’ comment below (duplicate or off-topic comments will be deleted), by re-tweeting our giveaway or by sharing our Facebook post. Do note that FB and Twitter likes are NOT an eligible way to participate in the giveaway and will not be counted. For your convenience, we’ve embedded both our tweet and FB post below, so it can be easier for you to share and re-tweet it.

We’ll be first counting our comments on this page, then the FB shares and then the re-tweets. Winners will be picked randomly via Random.org and posts/shares/re-tweets will be counted from the oldest to the newest. First winner gets the first small game, second winner the second small game, etc. Below you can find the list of games:

  1. Battle Royale Tycoon
  3. GRIS
  6. Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
  7. Golf Peaks
  8. Apparition
  9. Lucid Dream
  10. GRIP Combat Racing
  11. Reign’s Game of Thrones
  12. 2084
  13. Book of Demons
  14. Fifth PC Optimized Game
  15. Fourth PC Optimized Game
  16. Third PC Optimized Game
  17. Second PC Optimized Game
  18. Most PC Optimized Game

We strongly suggest using all methods as they will increase your chances of winning. This content will end on Sunday, December 23rd at 22:00 UTC.

Best of luck to everyone!


Here are the winners of our giveaway. We’ve already got in touch with the Twitter and Facebook winners. Disqus winners will have to send us an email at “john2@dsogaming.com” with proof that they are owners of their Disqus username (Disqus also gives some details that we’ll use to confirm the accounts so don’t bother sending fake emails like some of you did in our previous giveaway):

  1. Raul Rulicos Facebook – Battle Royale Tycoon
  2. Augusto Afonso Castelo Branco – SUFFER
  3. Sgt. Winter – GRIS
  4. DarkGio Facebook – EGRESS
  5. proscriptus – TSIOQUE
  6. Executr  – Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
  7. Nik @s0ad667 – Golf Peaks
  8. Andreadesmo16 – Apparition
  9. Simon Cloutier (disqualified for commenting two times. The key goes to Slave1ne who discovered it) – Lucid Dream
  10. Stavros – GRIP Combat Racing
  11. Sky695 – Reign’s Game of Thrones
  12. Hawk verified – 2084
  13. Jimmy – Book of Demons
  14. Johni – Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  15. Pedro Gomes – FIFA 19
  16. Mister6ame – Forza Horizon 4
  17. Devo Stripes – Call of Duty Black Ops 4
  18. Victor Hugo @RaptorHawk – Battlefield 5
DSOGaming Christmas 2018 Giveaway – Win 18 PC Games [Winners Announced]