Alan Wake feature

Microsoft is open to Alan Wake 2; “Remedy has to want to make the game”

For a long time we thought that Microsoft was against a sequel to Remedy’s Alan Wake. However, it appears that this is not the case anymore. Or at least this is what Xbox’s Phil Spencer implied in a recent interview with Stevivor.

As Phil Spencer when he was asked about it, Remedy has to want to make the game.

“How do I put this? Well, the developer… the developer has to want to make the game.”

Ironically enough, Remedy did show Alan Wake 2 to Microsoft in the past, however at that time Microsoft was not really interested in it.

As Remedy’ Sam Lake claimed back in 2015.

“We showed [Alan Wake 2] to Microsoft and I guess at the time Microsoft was looking for something slightly different for their portfolio.”

It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft will, after all, give the green light to Alan Wake 2, and whether Remedy is willing to develop it.