UFO Grendizer feature

Microids and Dynamic Planning are working on an official UFO Robo Grendizer game

Microids and Dynamic Planning have announced the signing of a publishing agreement regarding a video game based on the Grendizer license. This action game inspired by Go Nagai’s manga UFO Robo Grendizer, will take us back in time to relive the adventures of Prince Duke Fleed and his powerful combat robot.

Produced 45 years ago, the cult animated series was one of the first successful export of Japanese animation around the end of the 70’s.

Stéphane Longeard, CEO of Microids, said:

“We are delighted about this new partnership with Dynamic Planning. Through the development of this title, Microids wishes to offer a video game aimed to please the fans of the franchise. All the teams at Microids are working hard to ensure the game will showcase the highest fidelity. We are really proud and excited to show you more in the future.”

Go Nagai, creator of UFO Robo Grendizer, added:

“Reliving the adventures of Grendizer with the help of today’s technology is a dream come true. I am very happy with the signing of this publishing partnership and I can’t wait to put my hands on the video game.”

I’ve included below the iconic intro from its animated series. Also, and speaking of 70s mecha animes, I’d really love to see a game based on Getter Robo. Getter Robo has a special place in my heart, so I could not help but also include its intro below (although it has nothing to do with this game).

Stay tuned for more!

Getter Robo 1974 Opening