Microid’s Adventure “Red Johnson’s Chronicles” Hits PC

Red Johnson Chronicles v2
Lexis Numérique and Microids announced that after a noted incursion on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, detective Red Johnson is back on PC with two high-risk investigations. In Red Johnson’s Chronicles, the adventure fans meet the private detective Red Johnson and comb the crime scenes, searching for clues and using the collected items to progress in the investigation. In the corrupt city of Metropolis, they regularly need to solve puzzles in order to initiate a specific action (picking a padlock, retrieving a videotape…).

Red Johnson’s Chronicles  is also an investigation that leads the players throughout the corrupt city where they shall interrogate potential suspects and witnesses. Clear-headedness is the key to choose the right questions within a limited time.
The PC version of Red Johnson’s Chronicles features a brand new gameplay, adapted for PC, an original storyline that leads you throughout the dangerous streets of Metropolis, dialogs written and played with humor, lots of puzzles to solve.
In addition, Red Johnson’s Chronicles PC will be packed with easy-to-play and efficient action scenes, the possibility to observe every detail of the collected items in 3D, a fully-integrated help system and eye-catching and modern design.