Metro 2033 was profitable; sold over one million copies on PC alone

Metro: Last Light is one of our most anticipated games of 2013. And even though we have not heard a lot about it, THQ’s Huw Beynon decided to talk a bit with AusGamers about it and its prequel. Huw Beynon admitted that Metro 2033 didn’t get the production support from THQ that could have raised the polish and quality level a little bit. Despite that fact though, the game has managed to bring profits to the company.
As Beynon said, the PC version of Metro 2033 has sold over one million copies, making it a profitable IP for THQ:
“It (Metro 2033) went on to become a significant success — it’s referred to as a cult-hit still. But we sailed past a million sales on PC alone, so I think we can stop calling it that, and actually call it a bonafide hit.”
Furthermore, Beynon said that Metro: Last Light will feature more destructible environments, a better lighting system, scalable settings, a  survival-horror vibe, as well as more supernatural sections – similar to the one at the end of the first Metro game.