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Metal Gear Solid’s Shadow Moses Unreal Engine 4 Remake Now Available For Download

Yesterday we informed you about the completion of Metal Gear Solid’s Shadow Mosses map in Unreal Engine 4. And today, YouTube’s “iRam Gamer” has provided a download link for his beautiful map.

As iRam Gamer noted, this map works only with 64bit operating systems and is in first person mode. There is no third-person viewpoint in order to avoid any legal issues.

“Only 1st person. I know you were expecting a 3rd person view guys but I couldn’t risk this project because of that. If I would include a Solid Snake character or something like that, it would be a problem.”

As iRam Gamer also noted,┬áthis is a tech demo just to “show how Shadow Moses would look using Unreal Engine 4. So don’t expect a Metal Gear Solid 1 remake.

Metal Gear Solid’s Shadow Mosses in Unreal Engine 4 is 5.54GB in size and can be downloaded from here.