Space Engineers Has Sold So Far Over 1.6 Million Copies

Keen Software House announced today the 2nd anniversary of Space Engineers, a game about engineering, building and maintaining space structures based on real physics and real science, with sales exceeding 1.6 million copies since its release.

Released on Steam Early Access in October 2013, Space Engineers quickly became a fan favorite and cemented its position among bestsellers on Steam Early Access. Since its launch it has attracted a passionate community and builders of space structures around the world that became an integral part of the experience of creating more than 150.000 items on Steam Workshop.

Marek Rosa, CEO and founder of Keen Software House, said:

“We are not celebrating just the 2nd anniversary of Space Engineers, but also the creative spirit of the community that drives us, pushes us into the unknown, makes us question what is even possible, and helps us see what we never before imagined.”

As the press release reads, the second anniversary comes on the verge of the upcoming biggest content update yet: Planets that will reinvent how fans experience Space Engineers.

Keen Software House is dedicated to bringing new content, paying close attention to the community, shaping the game together with regular updates, and supporting creators by offering complete access to the game’s source code.

Space Engineers is available for purchase on Keen Software House e-shop and on Steam for $24.99 / 22.99€.

Space Engineers - Planets: Waltz in space (01.10.2015)