MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing) Mod for Skyrim is not dead yet – Modders asking fans for their support

A couple of days ago, we informed about the Cease & Desist letter that Warner Bros sent to the MERP (Middle Earth Role Playing) modding team. As we said back then, Warner should not be sending such letters to modders as they are not creating commercial projects and they will not – obviously – earn any money from it. In fact, these guys are doing everyone a favour of creating such an ambitious mod. Naturally, the modding team will not give away 8 years of hard work so easily. Therefore, a petition has been initiated to save this mod.
The team believes that it may be able to sway Warner Bros in its negotiations, provided they show Warner Bros how many people are behind this mod. This means that you should share the story with as many people as possible – that is if you really care about this mod – and we hope that more publications will step forward in supporting this team’s efforts.
You can find the official FB page for MERP here, while a new page that is dedicated to the cause of the petition can be found here. The team is also asking its fans to tweet messages with the hashtag #SaveMERP, in order to inform friends about its attempts to save everything it can.
MERP’s development started eight years ago and was meant to be an Oblivion mod. When Bethesda released the Creation Kit for Skyrim, the team decided to port this project to this new Elder Scrolls game.
In August 30th, Warner Bros sent a C&D letter to the modding team, asking them to stop working on this Skyrim mod.
[WIP] Middle Earth Heightmap of MERP in Skyrim