Meridian: New World Is Now Available On Steam Via Early Access Program

Okay, this literally passed under our radar. Elder Games has released its new strategy game, Meridian: New World, on Steam via its Early Access program. Meridian: New World offers – according to its description – countless options to devise your own strategy, including various equipment options for your units and special abilities for you to rely upon. 

In Meridian: New World players can use their abilities anywhere on the battlefield and turn the tide of battle by weakening the enemy troops. Alternatively, players can take the covert approach and sabotage the enemy power supply to shut down their production.

“You can rely entirely on researching superior weapons or special abilities. Or you can risk building a large economy, constructing a massive army from your enormous resources.”

Those interested can purchase the game from here.

Enjoy and kudos to RPS for spotting it!

Meridian: New World - First Official Trailer