Piranha Games’ president on Epic Store: “700 out of 20,000 people asked for a refund on the first day”

In a recent AMA with NoGutsNoGalaxy, Piranha Games’ president revealed some new details about MechWarrior 5’s Epic Store deal. Bullocks claimed that the consequences of the team’s decision to release Mechwarrior 5 exclusively on the Epic Games Store weren’t that huge.

As Bullock claimed, only 700 out of 20,000 people asked for a refund on the first day after Piranha Games announced that the game would be releasing exclusively on the Epic Games Store. This basically means that only 3.5% of the pre-orders were refunded. Obviously, we don’t know whether that number has been increased over the next couple of days.

Furthermore, Bullock stated Pirahna Games pays for the refunds of Mechwarrior 5, without Epic Games helping them. This came as a surprise as a lot of people thought that Epic Games would be handling the refunds. After all, that’s what happened with Shenmue 3.

From the looks of it, the negative impact of Piranha Games’ decision wasn’t that big. This is definitely good news for the developers as they can focus on making a great game, without having to worry about the refunds.

Bullock re-stated that while Piranha Games is aware the hatred towards the Epic Games Store. Still, he believes that this exclusivity will benefit the game in the long run.

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is currently planned for a December 10th release!