Monster Hunter World Iceborne feature

Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion is coming to the PC in January 2020

Capcom has launched the Steam store page for Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion, revealing that it will be coming to the PC in January 2020. This basically means that this expansion will be delayed by around four months as it will come out on consoles this September.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne will offer a diverse locale, rich with endemic life, numerous monsters that prey on each other and get into turf wars, as well as a new hunting experience, making use of the densely packed environment.

Iceborne will offer new hunting mechanics as all 14 weapon types have new moves and combos. Each weapon has more unique actions than ever before, and every weapon now lets you use the clutch claw, a new function of the slinger, to grapple onto monsters.

This expansion will also bring a new quest difficulty (Master Rank), a new environment called Hoarfrost Reach, and various new monsters.

Here is what Capcom had to say about the new difficulty mode, Hoarfrost Reach and the new monster that will be featured in it.

– New Quest Difficulty: Master Rank!

On top of low rank and high rank, there is now a new quest difficulty called “master rank.”
Master rank quests will become available once you purchase the Iceborne expansion. You’ll be able to earn new materials and fight even stronger monsters on these quests!

– New Locale: Hoarfrost Reach

An unknown environment, yet to be discovered by mankind. Hoarfrost Reach has plenty of unique endemic life and monsters that could only exist in such a harsh climate. It has diverse geographical features as well, from deep stretches of snow that impede your movement to relaxing hot springs, and even unstable ground that could collapse at any moment! The visual effects are some of the most detailed the Monster Hunter series has ever seen!

– Various New Monsters!

Hoarfrost Reach is home to many new endemic creatures and monsters, such as the snow-swimming Beotodus, the raging Banbaro, and the mysterious elder dragon Velkhana.
But changes are afoot in familiar locales as well! Keep an eye out for new tracks of fan favorite monsters, such as Tigrex and Nargacuga!