Max Payne 3 Coming This December?

Now here is something interesting. Although Rockstar hasn’t officially announced any release date for Max’s return, both Amazon and Gamestop have changed the game’s release date to December 1st. This is nothing new, we’ve seen such things in the past. However, there are some hints pointing out that Max Payne 3 might be indeed on its way.
According to an email we got from Amazon, the release date of Max Payne 3 had been changed by the publisher. On the other hand, there are entries for Max Payne 3 in the latest Nvidia ForceWare drivers. It’s no wonder though witnessing such entries in the latest ForceWare drivers. We should keep in mind that there was a PC preview build, so Nvidia was obviously focused on it. Still, it hints to something more than a focus on a simple PC preview build.
Rockstar hasn’t commented on this yet, so stay tuned for more!