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Mass Effect 3: Vindication Is A 539-Page Book That Aims To Patch up, Rework, and “Fix” ME3’s Story

Now this is dedication. Gerry Pugliese has informed us about his book that is no less than 539 page and aims to patch, rework and ‘fix’ the storyline of Mass Effect 3. Via this book, readers will get access to new endings, romances, enemies, character classes, powers, concept art, dialogue, cut-scenes, missions, War Assets and Downloadable Content.

As Gerry Pugliese said:

“Mass Effect 3: Vindication is not a game. In fact, it’s hard to categorize exactly what it is. You can call it a book – for simplicity’s sake, I do – but it’s so much more than that. ME3V is part editorial and critical analysis, but it’s also made up of script and dialogue, mixed with concept art and flowcharts to walk you through my more than a year of hard work to make Mass Effect 3 the game fans had hoped it would be. “

So before jumping to early conclusions, that downloadable content we referred is not ‘real’. There are no bonuses for the actual game. This is all created by Gerry Pugliese as a means to fix – or improve – the mess that BioWare created.

Here is a bit more about this fan-made book:

“ME3V introduces a new character class, the Savant, which is the direct result of Shepard’s Project Lazarus implants going haywire and rewriting his/her genetic code. Savants unleash a devastating class-specific power, Obliterate, an unstable beam of energy that can be evolved to rip through armor, barriers, and shields with ease. Savants can take on any challenger!

Reaper Destroyers, one of four new enemies, are elcor warriors twisted into hulking beasts armed with twin artillery cannons; taking the place of Rachni Ravagers if Shepard killed the last Rachni Queen in Mass Effect 1. In ME3V, if the Rachni are dead, they stay dead. Cerberus gains powerful biotic soldiers called Cerberus Arbiters, if Shepard handed the Illusive Man the Collector base in Mass Effect 2. The geth acquire lethal tech experts, Geth Sentinels, if Shepard rewrote the Heretics in ME2. And, new Reaper Seekers, kamikaze pod crabs, will chase Shepard down…just for fun. “

What’s also interesting is that according to Pugliese, Shepard’s morality path and war assets heavily impact your ending; much more than the original game. In other words, this book features multiple endings.

Those interested can download the book from here.

Now if only someone made a video based on this book. That would be truly awesome.