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Mass Effect 3 Priority Earth Overhaul mod gets a new patch, adds new textures, packs gameplay fixes

The team behind the┬áPriority Earth Overhaul mod for Mass Effect 3 has released a brand new patch for it. In case you weren’t aware of, Priority Earth Overhaul attempts to improve ME3’s final mission in every way possible, by restoring cut content, adding new scenes and dialogues, enhancing the gameplay, improving textures and more.

Priority Earth Overhaul’s development is divided into 3 thematically organized parts. Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. Stage 1, which is currently available, stands as a foundation for future phases and focuses on addressing the biggest issues.

Its latest patch fixes all subtitle length, further improves Anderson’s Death scene, overhauls the ambient battle SFX and overhauls a plethora of additional cut SFX pieces.

It’s worth noting though that prior to this update, the team released another one that added new unique 2K textures for the Alliance Medic in Liara’s room, new 2K and 4K textures for the Mako, high-res 2K textures for the Sky and the Conduit clouds, high-res 4K texture for the London background, high-res 2K texture for the broken glass and high-res 2K textures for the flying paper.

This is a must have mod for those who want to replay Mass Effect 3 and you can download its latest version from here. Below you can also find the complete changelog for its latest update.

Mass Effect 3 Priority Earth Overhaul Patch 1.0 Release Notes

  • All subtitle length fixed
  • Fixed Anderson’s Death Scene for Femshep
  • Further improved Anderson’s Death scene
  • Added a decloak SFX to TIM’s reveal
  • Slowed down the Turian salute animation loop
  • Fixed Wrex’s speech
  • Bug fix: Captain Hart’s line will now trigger if Kaidan is alive.
  • Overhauled the ambient battle SFX
  • Restored a plethora of additional cut SFX pieces (3 for Hub, 4 for Conduit, 2 for Hammer Assault)
  • Fixed the Conduit scrolling animation during Anderson’s Command Room convo