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Mass Effect 3 Field of View mod is now available for download

While Mass Effect 3 disappointed a lot of fans, I think we can all agree that it was a better game than Mass Effect Andromeda. And for those interested in replaying it, modder ‘Paradoxaction’ released a Field of View mod that will enable you to see more of the 3D world around you while in combat, thus making it easier to be aware of the enemies surrounding you.

As the modder noted, by default, the FoV angle in Mass Effect 3 is too low, meaning you can see less of the 3D world around you. This can be easily notice when you’re in combat mode but not that much when you’re in exploration mode. As such, this mod permanently increases the Field of View angle of Mass Effect 3’s combat mode to a more comfortable value, while keeping the exploration mode of the game unchanged.

This mod comes packed as a MOD file. To install it, you need to use Mod Maker, which is a tool that comes packed with ME3 Explorer (you can read Mod Maker documentation for more information on how to install MOD files). Use Mod Maker to install the MOD file you downloaded here and you’re good to go. However, you should make sure to backup your SFXGame.pcc file before you install this mod, as Mod Maker will permanently overwrite it when installing the mod.

Those interested can download the Mass Effect 3 Field of View mod from here.

Have fun!