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Marvel’s Avengers Update released, full patch notes revealed

Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes have released a brand new update for Marvel’s Avengers. According to the release notes, Update increases the resource caps. Moreover, it packs a number of fixes for the game’s Reassemble Campaign and Avengers Initiative mode.

Additionally, this patch features some PC-specific fixes and improvements. For instance, it improves PC stability by solving further reports of the DEVICE_HUNG crash, including those on AMD Radeon 5700 XT and AMD Radeon 5600 XT video cards. It also fixes a DLSS issue on PC where the player would experience a black screen when running in ultra performance mode. Moreover, it fixes an issue where DLSS would only apply properly after toggling it in-game.

As always, Steam will download Update the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Marvel’s Avengers Patch Release Notes

Due to continued exploration and defending of Earth, we have increased resource caps to the following:

  • Polychoron = 999
  • Upgrade Modules = 999
  • DNA Keys = 99
  • Fragments = 99,999
  • Units = 999,999

Taking AIM Operation:

  • Kate’s HARM Room is now replayable for everyone who has already completed it
  • Switching to the Taking AIM Operation and then returning to the Reassemble Campaign no longer results in players being unable to interact with the next campaign interaction prompt
  • Improved lighting on Getz during cinematic prior to fighting him in Masks

More than Inhuman:

  • The More than Inhuman mission no longer disappears from the War Table
Reassemble Campaign:
  • New Normal. Using grapple swing before it was unlocked in the tutorial no longer gets the camera stuck in a bad position on some occasions
  • The Road Back. Fixed an infinite black screen during transition to Kamala waking up after battle on the helicarrier deck
  • To Find Olympia. Fixed a rare issue where Kamala could not interact with the 3rd console when trying to power the doors to the Archive
  • To Stand Alone. Fixed occurrence where Black Widow couldn’t interact with the first console, Fixed an issue where the control panel would not raise out of the ground following the Veil of Shadows tutorial, Fixed a rare issue where combat did not progress after fighting the first Adaptoid in the lobby, Fixed an area with missing collision and a hidden strongbox
  • Once an Avenger. Fixed a rare issue where enemies did not spawn after transition into the room after Kamala broke the door
  • By Force of Mind. Fixed a rare issue where the second combat encounter wouldn’t progress after defeating the first wave, Fixed an infinite black screen if a player jumped off the platform of the first combat area just as the final enemy was killed, Fixed a rare issue where Hulk did not smash the door, preventing progression after the chase sequence
  • Fixed an issue where players could not complete the objective in the Rockets’ Red Glare mission
  • Improvements to PC stability, this patch solves further reports of the DEVICE_HUNG crash, including those on AMD Radeon 5700 XT and AMD Radeon 5600 XT video cards
  • Fixed an DLSS issue on PC where the player would experience a black screen when running in ultra performance mode
  • Fixed an issue where DLSS would only apply properly after toggling it in-game
  • The “Unable to Join Strike Team” message no longer displays incorrectly when trying to join a player that had been already matched
  • Fixed an issue where a player may be invisible to their Strike Team members
  • SPIN Exo suppression fields are now visible to all players
  • Various matchmaking optimizations and fixes
  • Fixed text/imagery and textures used on …And We’re Back!, Mayhem Over Manhattan, and Rockets’ Red Glare
  • Black Widow’s hair now displays correctly on her Classic Stealth outfit
  • Iron Man’s Low Battery emote now displays correctly
  • Players with Mobile or Dynamic controller layouts no longer need to double tap when attempting to ping for it to function
  • Tooltips now properly populate when hovering over minor/major Artifacts
  • Items marked for mass dismantle are now properly indicated by a red square preceding the dismantling
  • Fixed an issue where tracking an excursion on the War Table would highlight completed missions as well as missions that still needed to be completed
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause unintended text to appear when selecting a challenge level via the War Table
  • Also fixed an issue where players were unable to change heroes in the Quinjet for Hive missions
  • Various crash, black screen, and infinite loading screen fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could result in Iconic Missions not showing up correctly
  • Kate’s Explosive Arrow landing indicator now displays correctly with its trajectory indicator
  • Kate’s Quantum Field skill now correctly displays the Area of Effect indicator when used near walls
  • The War Ship’s flamethrower turrets now properly target and engage players
  • Fixed a rare issue that caused Adaptoids to sometimes grab players, despite perfect dodging the attack
  • Improved the notification players receive when being targeted by Adaptoid beam attacks
  • Pressure plates now activate correctly after performing combat around them. Kate Bishop now consistently activates pressure plates correctly
  • Fixed an issue where one player’s hero was immobilized at the start of an Elite Hive mission in multiplayer
  • Kate is no longer invulnerable during Quantum Surge with the Overcharge Regenerator perk equipped
  • The Quantum Regenerator perk now works as intended, granting additional health and energy
  • The Blink Shroud perk correctly activates Kate’s Ultimate Heroic rather than Quantum Shroud
  • Kate Bishop can no longer “fly” when jumping after blink-dashing in mid-air
  • Kate can now be revived correctly as a companion after getting downed by an Adaptoid
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Hulkbuster to lose functionality when Thor uses his support heroic
  • Fixed various issues that allowed players to go out of bounds
  • Also fixed multiple issues with enemies spawning out of bounds
  • Ms. Marvel’s Iconic Outfit is no longer locked after finishing The Magnificent Ms. Marvel mission chain
  • Fixed an issue where tracking the Global Offensive mission chain would sometimes give improper objective direction
  • The description of Priority Missions now display the correct Legendary Gear rewards and not Exotic Hivemind Gear
    Modules and resource rewards are now affected by the difficulty modifier
  • Epic Gear will now drop instead of Rare Gear after Power Level 80
  • Hivemind Gear. Kate’s Hivemind Gear will now use her set names, Melee and ranged Hivemind Gear will always feature the same status effect on the first two perks and the third perk will enhance those effects or be JARVIS related, Cosmic damage perks can now appear on Hivemind Gear
    Tachyon Surge Gear. Defensive perks will now appear more often on Defensive Gear, Ranged-focused perks will now appear more often on Ranged Gear
  • Cosmic Gear. Added more Cosmic arrow perks for Kate
  • Last Avenger Standing. Finishing this mission after the first run will now have a 50% chance to reward Legendary JARVIS Gear or Exotic Hero Gear
  • Fixed an issue where players could not obtain the required item to complete the Harvest: Wiring Bundles Assignment
  • Rescuing all hostages now properly counts towards challenges and faction assignments